Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Taking possession of the boat

I have to admit that it all happened so quickly that it was a bit scary. Dirk and I had been looking at sailboats for quite some time. We even made a few trips to Florida looking in person. It was so hard getting the idea of size and storage when looking on the internet. While in a marina at an appointment to see a boat. We were talking to friends who knew someone selling their boat to up-size. We knew these people, but we felt that their boat might be a little large and a little older then we were originally looking at purchasing. We took a look at it and before we knew what hit us we had the surveyor on board and we were making an offer. A week later she was ours. As I said before, it was a bit scary as we had never sailed a larger boat on our own before. We guessed it was time to learn.

This is a pic of the boat during haul-out for the survey

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