Monday, December 10, 2007

Parade of lights and temps in the 80's

So we had a long weekend in Panama City this week. Although we planned on just relaxing and enjoying, we soon found ourselves piddling with stuff on the boat. Don't know why that always happens but it does. Dirk found himself literally up to his eyeballs in the chain locker. While re-bedding the bow pulpit he had found a few other items needing attention. There was only so long I could hold him by his ankles on his belly so he just climbed on in to work. Something to be said about being vertically challenged.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous with temps in the 80's during the day and dipping to the low 60's at night. Hardly seems like December with these temps but I'm not complaining. The cannonball jellyfish were out in force this weekend. Beautiful creatures, I read that they can be eaten. Why you would want to is another story. Guess that's why another name for them is cabbage head jellyfish. So if you find yourselves lacking a nice fish to toss on the grill, heck get the net and fish one of these bad boys out. The ones we were seeing were about about 6 to eight inches across. They are very fast swimmers as far as jellyfish go and they would just plow full force ahead till they would slam into the docks or the boat, bounce off and head the next direction.
Below is just a picture that Dirk took of a pelican.
Saturday evening we had the parade of lights come past our marina. We had never been to one so it was nice to see it. Not as big as I thought it would be, but some of the locals said its getting bigger each year.
A big paddle wheel boatHow many lights can we fit? Pretty sailboat
My favorite decorated boat as it depicts my favorite Christmas movie. A Christmas Story. After the parade we trolled the docks as many of the boats came back to our marina and hung out for the evening. Met some of our neighbors and spent the evening getting to know them. We both love the boating community and cant wait until we can jump into it with both feet for good. Sunday we were gonna sail, but along with the high temps also came calm winds/no winds. So it too turned into piddle day and Monday we headed home back to reality.

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