Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Up to our eyeballs with projects and snags

Friday we headed down to the boat and actually got there while it was still light outside. Loving this new time change. Saturday the forecast was 80ish and sunny. This is what it looked like at 10am and it wasn't getting any better. My plans were to varnish the topside handrails as I have been working on sanding them a bit each time for the last couple weekends. So instead I removed a bit of the teak pieces around the companion way and started to sand them. While I was busy sanding away Dirk was excited about getting the new nav pod installed.
This is a photo of the existing helm. We had added the new C-80 shortly after purchasing the boat. In the smaller nav pod was the instrument for the non-working wind meter and the depth meter. We added a new wind meter and also a remote station for the radio/cd player downstairs so we can control it without leaving the cockpit. Below is a photo of the new nav pod that will hold everything I just mentioned and the fourth hole will be filled with a switch for the new windless we just purchased.
Dirk had also removed the compass to try and salvage it. The dome was badly cracked and the liquid was slowly evaporating out. After a few new parts the compass was reinstalled. Finally something we didn't need to shell the big bucks out for. After putting the compass on Dirk soon realized that we didn't have enough room to install the new nav pod. As I have said in the past, is there anything that is easy on a boat? So what to do now? You guessed it...spend more money and get a new pedestal guard with an angle bracket so we have the room. One project put on hold. Last post I mentioned how we installed the new radar dome but not without its own set of problems. Well Dirk went up the mast to seal the mast where the cable comes out. While up there he noticed that the radar mount that we just the week before spent time running around getting a new plate welded on had a very small crack in the bend of the arm. Not a very good place as this is where the cable exits to plug into the dome.
Do we hope for the best and risk losing a new dome? Don't think so.... Cha Ching. New radar mount and adaptor coming in this week. By the way, I said I would report on the marriage saver headsets. All in all they aren't bad. While Dirk was up the mast we were able to talk in a normal tone. Dirk was picking up a radio station but it did not interfere with our talking. I can see where these will come in handy for several uses. We have a few other projects going on that I am able to do during the week at home such as re-varnishing the cup holder and cockpit table. Also purchased some new lexan so that all the hatches can be replaced. Fun, fun, fun. But again I am looking at the big picture. She sure will be alot nicer to cruise on when we finally cut those dock lines.

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