Monday, April 14, 2008

Oma turns 100

Dirk flew home to Hamburg Germany to usher in his Oma's 100th birthday. Wow, can one imagine living to the age of 100. With of course to have the added bonus of living semi on your own and still being able to leave your home to go to the grocery. So hard for us to fathom the things that she has seen and lived through. Its also nice to see my husband have such a close relationship with his grandmother. I realize that this is not our normal post but felt it very worthy to include. As far as Tybee Time's progress goes, well she finally got a much needed wash down a couple weekends ago. Last time we went down both sets of batteries I had for my camera were dead. So much for me keeping up with things such as this. So I wasn't able to photograph the new windless that Dirk installed. It is installed but not wired just yet. Still trying to figure out where to run the cables to, if we are going to install a battery in the vee berth area so that we don't have to run expensive cable all the way back to the battery bank in the aft berth. If we do install a battery in the vee berth how do we charge it? We have a blank bank left on the charger so that's a possibility. We also have been working on a few other small projects and the last bits of small things left to do on other projects. I want to finish up all the small items before undertaking anything big right now. This way they do not get forgotten about. We also have CB Sails out of Panama City coming out to measure for a new sail cover. The previous owner made the existing one on the boat and it is now due for replacement. Dirk figured he could sew one up but it also needs to accommodate the lazy jack system and stack pack. I told Dirk to bite the bullet and lets have it done right. For what it would take to purchase a sewing machine that can take the sunbrella material and time, effort, and frustration, I think it is worth it. They will also measure for a sunbrella protective cover for the new nav pod and pedestal. No more plastic bags. Yippee.....

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