Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

You realize the boating season has officially begun when you see as many boats as were out this weekend. There were probably close to 75 if not more boats at Shell Island. We headed out to the island under motor as we wanted to give the gal some time to run for a semi extended time. As usual she ran like a charm. We set anchor at about noon on Saturday and by 2pm the place was packed. I have never seen so many sailboats at the island together. Ron and Sonja from S/V Conch Clipper slipped in next to us. Below is a picture of Tybee Time at anchor.

After lowering the dingy and hoisting the motor on it we realized we are still having problems with it. Or should I say problems with both. We had a few small leaks in the dingy and guess that the patch job didn't hold as we expected. A new one before we shove off is looking more likely. As far as the outboard goes its still sputtering and shutting off. So it made another trip home with us. Dirk took everything apart that he could and cleaned it. After putting it back together last evening it was running like a champ. Crossing fingers it will continue to do so. So we didn't do the usual run about in the dingy that we usually do. We only made two trips to the beach. The Gulf side was so rough that it was nearly impossible to swim. So we walked the beach and did the usual combing that occurs. Evenings were spent catching up with good friends, sun downers, and the consumption of way too much food. If this is the way it is when one starts cruising I can see we will both gain weight. But then when have you seen heavy cruisers. I guess exercise equals calories taken in. Plus I notice when you have had enough sun downers you really aren't in the mood to cook. Mental note "must bring plenty of dietary rum and gin" Below see Dirk on Conch Clipper enjoying his.
All in all it was a nice weekend and we ended up staying until Monday. Sunday was the only day that we ended up having any type of bad weather and that only lasted a brief time. But what a beautiful end to that day as we watched a beautiful sunset behind our dock neighbors boat S/V Miss Divine Em.
Monday after heading in we had gotten a call from the couple that sold us the boat. They were in town and so we spent that evening catching up with them. After wonderful conversation and food we finally called it an evening and headed back to the marina in preparation of packing up and heading home on Tuesday. Thanks Dan & Roxanne, we enjoyed it. I did happen to capture some video and as soon as I can figure how to get it from there to here I shall post some edited version.

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