Sunday, August 3, 2008

One of Many milestones marked

I know It's been a while since my last post but there is good reason. As cruising goes, I think that a major milestone in ones life is when you first make that decision that this is the lifestyle that you want. How one achieves that can be handled many ways. Dirk and I had power boats in the past and we loved them because they got us where we wanted to be in a timely manor. We loved going out in the gulf fishing or to the Island for an afternoon of fun. It wasn't until we met a couple people at our marina that had sail boats that we even considered owning one ourselves. This is about the time in our lives when we started considering a sailboat because it broadened our scope of what can be done. Our lives changed when we purchased our boat. We have spent thus far a year doing up grades and making her ready to be our home when we depart this land life in less then a year. I know that sounds like a long time to some but it is passing very quickly. Another milestone one has to pass is what to do with your home when you decide to cruise. Some people decide to rent their home, others decide to sell. In this day when the housing market is a bit on the shaky side Dirk and I decided that we would try and sell but do it a little over a year out. This way we don't get into a situation next year where we are ready to go but the house didn't sell. So in April of this year we listed the house with the knowledge we had time on our side. Little did we realize that someone would decide they wanted it now. Wow, what do we do now. So on July 31st, we closed on our home and handed the keys over to what seem like wonderful people. So now we have made the first major downsize to happen before next year. Two storage units and a garage full needs to be gone through and decisions made. Since we have no set time limit as to how long we will cruise we really don't know what we should keep. I really felt like it would be very difficult selling our home which we put so much into but I'm finding that with each day getting us closer to our goal that I'm really beginning to focus on the future and the life it will bring us. So now that we have sold our home and moved, we can now resume our weekend life on Tybee Time. Its been about 4 weeks since we were on her and I believe this weekend will be spent with a lot of R & R.

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