Friday, December 5, 2008

Just touching base

Since we put Tybee Time back in her slip a couple weeks ago we have only gone down once to stay on her. Rainy cold days really don't afford you much time to get anything done other then seeing how comfortable the settee cushions are from laying on them all day watching TV. Well we came to the conclusion that they aren't at all comfortable for say company staying with us and having to sleep on them or better yet, us having a movie marathon day due to bad weather. So this of course is put on the ever growing list of things to do. Other then a lot of lazy lounging getting done, we spent some time with our friends from Conch Clipper Ron & Sonja. They are lucky enough to be heading out this week to cruise the Bahamas for the winter. I have added a link to their blog site under the list on the left so check it out. I have asked Ron to try to keep the blog updated with lots of pics and Dirk and I have sent them out as scouts to give us information. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs about the places they go and things they do, yet so many of them really don't go into too much detail. With Dirk and I leaving next year details is what we crave. So from now till next June we will be living vicariously through them and hope to be receiving many wonderful tales and information. I am so excited for them and can only imagine the feeling I will have when its our turn.

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