Sunday, February 8, 2009

136 days and counting....

I know it's been some time since I last posted an update. With the weather being as it has we have not made too many trips down to the marina and the boat. In fact our marina bill came this month with a note attached saying "come visit your boat, its lonely" Wonder if she put a bug in their ear. We did go two weeks ago and check on her making sure the bilge was still dry, run her engine for a while and run the heat for the weekend to dry things out. The air is just damp, but I have to say, knock on wood that we don't have the nightmare mold problems I have heard of from other people when a boat is unattended for a while. After much research and speaking with other boaters Dirk ordered the wind generator. We decided to go with the 12v Air-Breeze Marine Deluxe Stern Mount Kit.

It includes:
The Air-Breeze Marine12V wind Generator
e Marine wind generator control panel
Hardware mounting kit
Tower kit with 9 foot brushed anodized aluminum mast
Two 8 foot stays &
4o feet of #10-2 marine grade wire.
Although it took a nice bite out of the cruising kitty it was something that has been on our list of must haves. It should be here this week and we have a 3 day weekend coming up so hopefully we can make some effort to get this project started. So many things to do and there only seems to be more projects creeping onto the list. I know the list will never be done but hopefully we can knock a good portion of them off before this summer. I hate to think we spend the entire summer trying to cram projects in between all the other stuff we have to do. My counter indicates that we have 136 days till retirement. Yikes!!!! When are we gonna get this and all the million other things done?
In other news, our friends from s/v Conch Clipper are still in Marathon waiting out this weird cold weather. Many projects and other things are keeping them busy, but I'm sure they are itching to get moving onto the Bahamas. If anyone reads the other blogs I have listed on my site I have one for Galena along with Conch Clipper. Bill from Galena has traveled to the Bahamas many times and when Dirk and I first got this cruising dream into our heads his blog is one of the main ones that inspired Dirk and I. Well he was in Marathon along with our friends from Conch Clipper and they happened to run into each other. They sent me a pic which I thought was nice.
Above and below are photos of Ron & Sonja with Bill of s/v Galena
Well not much else to report. Hopefully we will get some nice weather during our 3 day weekend and we can get some headway made. Until then....

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