Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is here and time is short

Well here it is spring. A time Dirk and I have been looking forward to for a very long time as it signifies that we are getting down to the wire. In fact our countdown indicates that we have 85 days till his last day of work. I am noticing in the blogs I read that everyone is beginning to wind down their winter cruises and beginning to make tracks back home to the U.S. and Canada. As much as I hate seeing their cruising season ending I know that Dirk and I will be among the group heading out next season. On the home front here, things are beginning to get mentally hectic for us as we have started making piles. Piles of stuff that will be going on board with us, piles for long term storage, piles for the dreaded garage sale, and finally, piles for giving away to family, friends, and to charity. Once we make the final jump to living aboard then I think maybe we can begin chilling.

Work on board is coming along great. Dirk finished installing all the shelves in our back berth closets and he did such a great job that now I'm looking for other places for him to do the same. The last time we were down at the boat we took the new dinghy down. We had to wait until we sold the old one before this one could go down, so for several weeks we had it sitting in the middle of our living room. We picked up the new outboard on Saturday morning and after reading instructions for it Dirk got it up and running. I had to mention reading instructions in the same sentence as Dirk as that doesn't happen very often. I even had to capture a photo of it.

Alright, alright, sorry. Just that men reading instructions before they do something is almost unheard of. Usually its only done when they have exhausted all other means. I will have to say, I have been guilty of the same in the past, I just don't like to admit it.Once Dirk got everything up and running we decided to head out to the bay and start breaking the engine in. I had driven our last dinghy exactly once so looks like I needed a lesson. It was so nice how easy it started for me and I had fun zipping around the bay. We both agree that this new dinghy is to our liking.

So the last couple coats of varnish are going onto the new cockpit table and it will be installed this weekend. Little jobs here and there to be done but for the most part the big jobs are behind us now. I think.......

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