Saturday, April 25, 2009

60 days and counting, or maybe less

My counter reads 60 days till Dirk is done with work and is officially retired. Then we begin our new chapter in life. However in reality it is less as Dirk has accumulated time off and sick days that need to be taken. In less then a month he is outta there......Things here at the home front seem to be put into overdrive at least for me. Packing, sorting, organizing, stacking, and piling, the story of my life right now. Were getting some last minute items ordered as we realize that before long we wont have a home address to ship things to. I'm coming to realize that this is all happening weather I'm ready or not, but it just doesn't seem like reality yet. I guess because this has been so long in the making that it actually getting here just doesn't seem real. Let me pinch myself, yikes, yes it's real.

As far as the boat goes we were down last weekend and pulled the cushions from the vee berth in order to start transforming it into "the garage" See the pic below to see the before. It wont look like this for long, now, how to maximize the space.

Dirk also finished putting the shelves in the closet in the back berth for me. Now we have begun to transfer clothing down. How does one take a walk in closet and 2 dressers full and cull it down to two shelves a piece? Two and a half if I can figure somewhere else for the endless number of flip flops, boat shoes, and land shoes to go. We have this one and a smaller closet right next to it that use to house the drop down sink that was removed. I'm still wondering though, hows it gonna fit? Minimize, minimize, minimize, ummm scary words for a woman, not so bad for a man, he who can wear the same shorts for so many days on end that they could stand up on their own. I myself will need to get use to wearing the same thing more then once. Gonna take some practice. Get me some rum, that will make it easier, I just wont care.....

We also installed the new table we got for the cockpit. After thinking that it would be straightforward to adjust it for height we were sadly mistaken and after a few small setbacks we got it done with happy results. Now we can enjoy our meals outside and actually have a place other then our lap to put our plate. This of course shows the table in the folded position.

Other progress being made is the new mattress arrived for the back berth and we have it on our bed here at home giving it the test trial. Seems pretty good as I have not awaken yet with a sore back as I do each morning on the boat. We just wanted to make sure we liked it before whacking it down to fit our odd shaped berth. Words keep ringing, measure twice, cut once, measure twice, cut once. Cross your fingers...Anyway, just wanted to give some kind of update as its been a few weeks. Till next time..........

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