Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Land & Air Traveling

Dirk and I have been gone away from the boat since about 8th of August I guess. We have been doing some traveling, visiting family and friends everywhere from around Tampa Florida up to Louisiana and now in Germany. We will be here for another week and a half doing some sightseeing and visiting his family. Taking in lots of sights, eating lots of wonderful food and seeing some beautiful cities. Last two days found us in Berlin and today we head south to Dresden. So forgive me for lack of post, honestly I have started writing them but get distracted very easily. We are really enjoying the travel but are actually looking forward to getting back to Tybee Time because we know that in a very short time hurricane season will be behind us and we have much to do before taking off. So let me get back to Germany, be patient, and know I have not forgotten the blog. Till later..... Tschuess (Bye)

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