Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting down to the wire

Here we are staring at the end of October right upon us. Dirks ideal time for us to make the gulf crossing over to the Tampa area is the next full moon give or take a few days. Weather permitting of course. It will take us about 40 hours with an overnighter to get there and if we can have some moon light lighting our way why not. The thing is, the next full moon is November the 2nd. Yikes! that's 12 days away. So we are putting life into over drive as we try and get last minute details done. We knew and know now that our list would never get done, but everything just about that needs to be done is done or there abouts. We said goodbye to our truck last week as we sold her back to the dealership. Boy that was hard to do but it was the best thing as we don't know how long we will be gone for and frankly the thought of putting her in storage didn't appeal to us. Isn't it amazing how hard it is to say goodbye to possessions, first our house, then the truck. So we are down to the Harley for transportation and we have found its interesting buying just enough groceries to fit in the bags. Next week we take the motorcycle and put it into storage along with our other "stuff".

Dirk and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary this month and decided to get safety equipment as our gifts. First thing we got was the "SPOT", the satellite messenger.

For those of you not familiar with it,.. using the GPS satellite system to determine our location and communications satellites to transmit information to chosen recipients we can send with a touch of a button our location out that will include a web link to view our location on Google Maps. Our friends used this last year while they were in the Bahamas and it was nice to get a message and see where they were at. It also has a 911 button that you can push for an emergency. We both got new self inflatable life vest that will work nicely with the harness system we have.

I think the only other thing I need is some foul weather pants. I got myself a nice jacket a couple months back but am having a hard time finding pants. I need to get on it as I think I'm gonna need them for the gulf crossing if for nothing else to help keep me warm.

We stand back and look at the boat and realize she is quickly looking like a cruising vessel. Extra gear is getting lashed on top,wood planks are being installed to lash the extra gas, diesel, and water cans to, and the water line is slowly getting smaller. We also completed a few more projects that we wanted done before leaving. Dirk and I are both vertically challenged people and for us to see over our navigation pod it takes us kneeling or standing on the seat. After even a little while it takes its toll so we decided to install a step for us to stand on. Dirk used marine lumber/starboard, stainless steel legs and rubber feet to make the below step.

Its attached to the propane locker so it doesn't move. Have to say we are loving it and have no problems seeing now. Dirk also installed a new florescent light fixture in the salon as he hates how dark it is when he needs task lighting. Have to say, it does light things up. He also installed me new LED task lighting above the stove area.

With my cutting board on top I use this area the most in the galley and its the darkest spot. The lights swivel 360 and tilt forward and back putting light wherever I need it. I also completed a screen door project I wanted to do. Since we have our cat I hate to close up the companionway hatches when we are at anchor and away from the boat. We do have a full screen for the companionway but to be effective you must be inside of the boat to fully install it. Usually we put it in as good as we can and put the two hatches in leaving only the sliding top open. I am always worrying that he will get out so I figured I could make a sliding screen hatch. Below is a photo.
Now it wont keep all the bugs out as there is a small gap up top but it will do what I wanted it to. This way I can pull the top and slide in the hatch and its seems pretty secure. Guess that's the over protective mama coming out in me.
Well I guess its all over but the crying so to speak. Many years of dreaming, Two years of learning to sail and getting the boat outfitted for cruising and here we are. In about two weeks we will be cutting the dock lines, saying farewell to our dock neighbors and heading south for warmer climates and days full of adventures. I think were both looking forward to meeting the folks that I have made contact with through the Internet and both excited about the life that is ahead of us. Here's hoping you will continue to read our blog and hope that I can keep you intrigued and awed as so many have done for us.

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  1. I've been reading and rooting for you guys for about 2 years now. Have a safe trip!


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