Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a quick update from Boca Grande

I'm writing this from the cockpit anchored in front of Punta Biance Island which is behind Cayo Costa ( Lacosta Island) here in Boca Grande. We Left Bradenton on Sunday at 9am sharp and traveled five hours down the ICW (Inner Coastal Waterway) till we ended up in Venice. There we stayed at the city dock which is next to the Venice Yacht Club which is another story. Dirk walked over to see if he could purchase some diesel from them for the cans only to be told that they could not sell him any because he was not a member. Guess our money is different then theirs. So we ended up walking the jugs down to the Crows Nest Marina where they thought our money was perfectly acceptable. Anyway the dock allows you to stay 18 hours free in any given 10 days, we just took it all at once.
This morning we woke early to a foggy morning and ended up going out the Venice pass and traveled another five hours to end up here. Can I tell you the crab pots are everywhere, below is a photo of our radar showing how many there were around to avoid.

It was like playing frogger and was pretty nerve racking till we got further out and I could keep them to the left. Every once in a while a straggler would pop up and test you. Once we got here we set the hook and took the dinghy down and motored about to check out the islands. Its so pretty as you can hear all the sounds of nature. The dolphins seem abundant and I spotted my first manatee today. Here Dirk is walking the island checking out the scenery
Tomorrow or the next we should be headed for the Ft. Meyers area. Once we sit for more then a day then I will catch up.

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