Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still in Carrabelle waiting for weather

So here we sit still waiting for weather still in Carrabelle at C Quarters marina.The above photo is the view from the cockpit. Nice place like I said before and great people, so if you find yourselves in this neck of the woods check them out. Ida came and went without too much problem here. We set our alarm every two hours and did line checks as these are fixed docks and the water was lapping over the tops of them. Marina crew was out and about every couple hours checking on things but all went well. Now Dirk and I are checking and rechecking weather looking for our next possible weather window which looks like it will be Friday or early Saturday for taking off. We will probably leave here and stage ourselves behind Dog Island as the river here has a fairly strong current and we will wait till slack tide to get outta here. Once we are sure the weather will work out we will take off and head for the Tampa area semi hugging the coastline just in case we have a repeat of our last offshore trip. We also added a new feature to the blog. If you notice at the top left of the blog there is a section for our current position. We have integrated the spot messenger that we got for our anniversary into the blog so that you readers could follow our progress. It shows you a map or you can choose to see the satellite image if you want. It seems to be really accurate as right now it actually shows the slip we are sitting in. So hopefully the next post you will see will be coming at you from parts further south.

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  1. There is now a greenish tinge to my skin--could it be envy? I didn't realize that Tybee Time was your blog! I'll be following. You guys are so lucky! Maybe one day . . . if I ever get rid of kids and such . . . I too will live a dream!


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