Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moving on to Great Sale Cay

We knew when we left Fort Lauderdale on Monday that we would probably be stuck here in West End for a couple days waiting on the weather to calm down. Since we have been here the temperatures have been in the low 70's during the day which is not too bad but then throw the constant strong winds in and it makes it downright nippy. Dirk is just now washing down the boat today from the crossing as it has been too cold to be outside for too long.

Above is the Old Bahama Bay marina where we are docked. We are actually the second mast from the right. Beautiful place here and off the beaten path. Below is the beach which has been too cold to do anything other then beach comb on.

Even though it has been cold and windy nothing can keep Dirk out of the water too long. The quest for hunting sea life is too strong so he donned his wetsuit and lobster gear and headed out to the point there to do some lobstering. There is a local here known by Lobster man that goes out and you can buy them off him. Dirk figures Lobster man can get them so why cant he? After much hunting he came back empty handed but had stories of all the pretty eagle rays he spotted along with the first lion fish so I don't guess it was a completely wasted day. Today Dirk got up early to see if he could spot Lobster man at work to see where he is getting his catch and indeed he did. But of course it was easier to just buy them off him so he agreed to find us on the boat after his hunt which he did. Our buddy boat and us ended up buying most of what he had gotten for the day. Now we have some lobster to share with Dirks mom when when she arrives in about a week. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the first night we were here we did eat at the restaurant here and had some very good conch fritters along with our first taste of conch salad. I didn't know how I would take to eating raw conch as anyone who knows me knows I can be somewhat of a picky eater at times, but I will be on the look out for the street vendors selling this along our travels as I hear they make the best. If I get brave enough I will try making it myself with fresh conch we catch ourselves. Tomorrow will find us pulling out of here and making the 46 mile trip to Great Sale Cay across the Little Bahama Banks. From there we need to make tracks to Marsh Harbor as we have Dirks mom flying in from Germany to meet us on the 24th. So I will catch you folks up next Internet connection I have. I'm gonna miss this free marina signal we have had the last couple days.

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