Friday, April 16, 2010

Will we ever break away from the Abacos?

Last place I left you all was in Little Harbor awaiting a weather window to scoot on down to Eleuthera Island. We were moored there for 3 days when we decided to take our bikes off the boat and see if we couldn’t run into Cherokee Sound which is 5 miles away to pick up a couple things we were running low on. One of our buddy boats decided to do the same but decided they would walk it. Two miles of the road is dirt & gravel, & rock and also not very well maintained. I thought for sure I would wreck my bike when my tire would slide down in a pit or hit a large rock as some of the hills were very steep. At best I figured I would end up carrying my lungs back as I am not at all in the kind of shape it takes to pedal a bike up some of this terrain. I was never so happy to see the paved road begin, but once we were on it, it seemed to go on forever. 45 minutes later we arrived in Cherokee Sound, a very nice quaint town that was so nice and clean. It would go on my list of prettiest and cleanest towns along with Hope Town. You can see some of the folks take so much pride in their homes as it shows by the details they put into them. Here is one of the main roads, yes road in Cherokee Sound
Here is Cherokee Sound at Low Tide, Boy is it shallow in there.

We hit the one grocery store in town and as always had a good chuckle looking at some of the prices of food. Our total was $63.45 but I had only brought 60.00 with me so something would have to be put back as they don’t accept debit cards. Oh well, bye bye pretzels, some other day….We couldn’t bear to part with our $6.85 bag of Oreos though. They were going home with us no matter, sometimes you just have to splurge. It took Dawn & Harvey 2 hours to make the walk there and lucky for them but they were offered a ride back which they gladly accepted. The next day was day number 4 of waiting out the weather and unfortunate for us but it wasn’t getting any better for at least a week. The decision was made that the following morning we would leave Little Harbor and head back to Marsh Harbor as our water and fresh food supplies would be next to nothing when we did decide to make the jump. Besides that our refrigerator decided that it wasn’t going to cool anymore. Geeeeze what now…..I guess this would be as good a time as any for it to go out as we are close enough to Marsh Harbor to get what we needed. Turned out we had a fitting shake its self loose and let the Freon escape. Easy fix for once… least we hope it’s fixed. So once again here we sit and wait until Mother Nature gives us the go to head south. Today the Bahamians put on an agriculture type fair. There were food booths set up selling all the wonderful Bahamian foods, booths set up with ladies selling their straw handbags & hats, some selling sea glass jewelry and jewelry made with all the oceans bounty such as sea shells, conch feet, or toenails, and Chitons which I understand they also eat. We saw an interesting demonstration on safely cleaning and eating Lion Fish. Lion Fish are gorgeous fish that unfortunately have somehow made their way into Bahamian waters and are beginning to do damage as their numbers are increasing very quickly and they feed on the same fish, lobster, and crabs we do so it’s only a matter of time before it begins to harm the fishing industry. They are trying to educate people on proper methods of handling, and cleaning them as they are a fish with toxic barbs that can really put a hurting on someone. They also gave out free samples of the cooked fish and it was very good. To me it tasted like bass. Very clean tasting with a nice texture. Hummmm looks like Lion fish may be on future menus. It looks as though tomorrow the 17th that we can make the 4 hour trip back down to Lynyard Cay to stage and hopefully take off Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Our first destination will be Royal Island or Spanish Wells if we have enough daylight. Hoping to update once we get there to let you know where from there.

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