Monday, November 15, 2010

Making slow tracks but still moving south

It’s been a couple weeks now since we have returned to cruising and it feels great. We have been taking our time and “smelling the roses” so to speak on our way south. After leaving Southport NC we basically made short day trips down the ICW ( Intracoastal Waterway) including Bull Creek on the Waccamaw River which is where we anchored on the way North last July. Beautiful little anchorage in the middle of nowhere where it’s just you and nature. As we pulled into our anchorage the fog was beginning to fill in the river and the owls were filling the evening with hoots and chatter of their own. We than found ourselves in Charleston Harbor and anchored there with mixed feelings on doing so. We had heard the current was bad and the bottom was littered with stuff to get snagged on. We didn’t have any problems with the current as our anchor was set well but as we were pulling in the anchor the next morning to leave we indeed got snagged on something. Dirk managed to get us un-snagged and we were on our way once again. A couple days later we found ourselves in Beaufort SC where we were joined by Vickie & Squeek from s/v POW MIA and Ron & Teresa from s/v Last Dance. They are cruisers and friends we met last year in Key West so we decided to stay a couple days and get some R&R in.
Ron's cousin Laurie & Randy from M/V Waistin' Aweigh joined us at Hemmingways

Here is Dirk with Squeek & Ron

We ended up frequenting a little place called Hemingways that was very cruiser friendly with a great staff. After two days our friends decided to move on and Dirk and I decided to stay put for an additional day to do a little shopping. We missed this stop on the way up but glad we made it this time as it’s a pretty little town. On Wednesday we had made reservations at a marina on Wilmington Island GA which is right next to Tybee Island. We planned on staying about a week here as this is where Dirk & I met and where Tybee Time got her name. We also have great friends there so it provided us some time to get off the boat and we spent the weekend living on land. We docked at a little place called Hogan’s Marina which is located on Turner Creek. The staff was incredible always asking if they could do anything to help. Bubba the owner was very accommodating and we would definitely go back there. The week ended up flying by and we had a great time as usual with Mac & Margie on the island.
Big thanks goes out to them for all they did for us while we were there and the hospitality they always extend to us. Tonight we find ourselves in yet another quiet anchorage void of other boats which surprises me due to the amount of boats we see traveling every day. Guess we are lucky with our picks….The weather had turned cold with breezy days causing us to wrap up tight trying to stay warm. This signals it is time to move even further south. So we travel, and enjoy, and look forward each day to new surrounding and adventures.

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  1. Am I allowed to be jealous of my neice and her husband? I now know what I should have done when I retired!!! Have fun.


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