Friday, January 28, 2011

Green Turtle & Manjack Cay

Well after arriving, getting checked in and heading into the Green Turtle Club marina I stepped on land for the first time in about a week.
Here I am hoisting the Bahama courtesy flag

We all took long hot showers, changed and headed into the Tipsy Turtle bar for a sun downer celebration.After indulging in 3 signature Tipsy Turtle drinks apiece we finally decided that dinner needed to come next. We headed out to the porch where we had the 1st conch of the season served in conch fritters and each one of us ate some of the best burgers we had had in a long time. Ummm maybe it was because it was the first meal I didn’t have to cook in a while or maybe it was the turtles, but man was it good. Off to bed for an early night and up early to get some laundry done before we took off. 4 tokens costing $17.00 got me 2 loads of wash and 2 loads of dry, gee it’s good to be back but I can’t wait till it warms up some and we can live in swim suits. While Barbara and I did laundry the men were back on the boats refilling the fuel and water tanks and once we were done we pulled out of the dock and headed to the outside of Green Turtle to anchor for a couple nights. The above photo was taken next to the boat at the dock, look at that clear water..

We of course took the tour of New Plymouth visiting the local shops, stopping for lunch, and getting a few groceries bought. Dirk & Klaus took the dinghy out one day to the reefs to snorkel and hunt while Barbara and I took the time to beach comb and relax.
How relaxing is that...

First day out and Dirk got his first two lobsters of the season.

On the 18th we headed to Manjack Cay for a couple days of beach combing and snorkeling. The water it turns out is just a bit chilly to be in for any length of time for me but Dirk is just fine with it and goes at it every chance he gets. A squall came through the anchorage the next morning and we drug anchor for about 20 feet before it reset itself. Now mind you in all the years we have owned Tybee Time we have a great record of never dragging. Manjack is a great anchorage but really only in calmer weather. We knew this from last year and we weren’t due to have any type of weather. Oh well, Mother Nature plays it her way. We were actually okay where we had reset but decided we felt safer a bit farther away from the rocky walls that were now about 60 yards behind us now so we picked up anchor and moved to a different spot. This evening we would need to head back to Green Turtle as a cold front was due to blow and we preferred to be on a mooring ball in the harbor for that one. First however we decided to check out the reefs one more time and indeed came back with 2 more lobsters. We then pulled anchor and headed back to safer waters. That night the cold front came in and brought with it some hefty winds. At one time we recorded 40 knots as it heeled the boat enough to toss some things out of the shelves. Whew, I’m glad we are on a mooring but now we have to worry about the people anchored around us and hope they don’t drag. The next morning it seemed everyone was pretty much in the same place which was where they stayed due to a rough day predicted again. Seems there is about 2 to 3 days of settled weather and then 2 days of cold front so it’s out to the anchorage for a few and into the harbor for a few. We have been checking out the reefs and the various beaches here in Green Turtle quite a bit. My beach combing has paid off with the find of many sea beans, sea biscuits and sea glass. Brown hamburgers, red hamburger, various hearts and other types. Some look rough but I read that I can polish them up

I’m a happy camper and Dirk to date has bagged 9 lobsters, most of which end up on our plates a couple hours after spearing. I'm not complaining though, would you? Dinner one evening consisting of lobster cooked on the grill with garlic, butter, and Lemon with sauteed summer squash with garlic and onion and rice pilaf. Not eating too shabby....

Yesterday we moved back out to the anchorage and bid our buddy boaters Klaus and Barbara on s/v Klabara farewell. They have decided to take a mooring ball and stay in Green Turtle for the duration of their time here as they have to be back in the states the end of next month. This gives them time to relax and explore the island at a snails pace and that's what its all about. We will miss them dearly as they have been great buddy boaters and have become dear friends. We wish them safe travels on their way back to the states. As for us, we continue on south staying out in the anchorage for a couple more days before heading south through the whale and on to Great Guana, home of Nippers and Grabbers and more beautiful beaches.

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