Thursday, August 9, 2007

A couple up grades

Every time we are at the boat I find a new area that I could get a better use out of. Of course what I find one weekend I like, the next weekend may not actually be something that we really need. Our goal is to move aboard in about two years and travel down the west coast of Florida, then up and around the east coast of the US. Then return trip to the jump off point to the Bahamas. From there, who knows. So this next two years will be a time for us to learn and get comfortable with the boat. Figure out what it is we will need and cant live without. And also time to do some cosmetic and electronic up grades. The first thing that was purchased for the boat was a new flat panel television. I know what some are thinking, a TV? Well as much as my husband and I love sitting on the back of our boat enjoying our evening Gin & Tonics, listening to music and talking, we are hooked on a few shows. Of course we can only watch when we are in the marina, but for the weekends where it is a work on the boat weekend rather then an enjoy the boat weekend, it's great. We mounted it on a swing arm attached to the bulkhead. When we are under sail we just stow it flat against the wall. Another thing we wanted to install was a tank monitor.Water and holding. We have two 50ish gallon water tanks installed in the salon. One under each of the settees and difficult to get to. The holding is located under the front vee berth and also can be a pain to get to. So now with a touch of a button we can see how full the holding is,or how low the water is. The first mate is happy with this addition. I have also acquainted myself with a sewing machine and re-sewn the front and back berth cushions. I also added extra foam for a little more comfort. I have to say, For my first sewing project I didn't do half bad. This weekend we are picking up our new sheets of teak and holly flooring to replace what we believe to be the original floor. So I will keep you posted on how this project is going.

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