Thursday, August 9, 2007

Maiden voyage (Shell Island)

Well Memorial weekend was the first time we moved the boat out of the slip. Its been a couple weeks now since we purchased the boat. We felt more comfortable having more than just Dirk and I on board to get her in and out of the marina. Even one more set of hands made us feel more at ease. We were to head out to Shell Island for the weekend. Mind you, we have never anchored up for an over nighter. We motored over to the Island, yes I said motored. We were saving our first sailing lesson for another day. We set the anchor on the first try. "Wait, that was too easy" Actually we did set the anchor on the first try. The boating gods were smiling upon us. What a wonderful day we had. There must have been 40 or so boats in our location. We boarded the dingy and headed to shore. We spent most of the day visiting friends and waist deep in water digging our toes in the sand looking for shells. That evening was spent grilling on the deck and enjoying a beautiful sunset. After dark it was so cool seeing all the boats that decided to stay lit up like a small city. Mind you, Dirk and I did not sleep very soundly that evening as we were up checking our position constantly. Just making sure we were not dragging anchor. Better safe then sorry. I can gladly report that we stayed put. Unfortunately all weekends must come to an end and so we headed back to the marina. It was again "too easy" to get home and dock without any events. But hey, I'm not complaining.

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