Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Heres to the good times

Seems since we purchased Tybee Time we have seen and spent more time with friends then in the recent past. This would be a good thing. We love having people aboard, and for the past three weekends we have had friends join us for days filled with sailing,snorkeling,fishing,and swimming. We also have had some nice sailing days. Sometimes the wind is 10 to 15 knots and blowing the perfect direction that once we put the sails up we cruise all the way down to Shell Island without having to tack. I'm still trying to get comfortable with heeling. 15 to 16 degrees is about my comfort level right now. I cant believe how peaceful it is though putting up the sails and shutting down the engine. Our sailing skills are improving every time we head out. Makes me want to make a u-turn, head out the pass and head southeast towards the keys. But alas, the weekends pass all to quickly and we must come back to the dock, clean up and head home back to reality. One day..... Seems we haven't done much work on the boat the last couple weeks, but that's okay. Its been too hot anyway for that, and its not like we are on a tight schedule to get it done. I'm waiting on a break in the heat before I even want to think about re varnishing the top side teak. This last trip down we brought home some of the floor so that we can start that project.

Yeah! sails up

Enjoying the sunset

Having sundowners at the dock

Playing around in the dingy

Catching a small jack

Who made it soooooo hot?

Another sundowner evening with friends

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