Monday, October 1, 2007

Up date on floor project

Well I'm guessing you would have to laugh as not to cry. Although I did cry when I saw the mess my husband created below. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about getting the new floor installed but I can tell you I would never want to do this again. Ever hear the term "what were they thinking?" My thoughts exactly. I had my suggestions and ideas on "the best way" and so did Dirk. And since Dirk is the one that was actually doing this part of the floor project he won. But I know I will have my say when it comes to the varnishing. But as you can see from the photo the new floor was taken down and fit into the boat. They were cut a little on the bigger side so that Dirk could take a bit off here and there to get a nice snug fit. What looks to be an explosion of flour is actually very fine sawdust from him sanding the pieces to fit. I was banished to the cockpit for the day so that Dirk could be left in peace to do his work. I think my overly watchful eye was getting old. So I finely admitted defeat and headed to the cockpit for a day of reading and enjoying the bit of cooler weather that we had. I say cooler, it was about 85 which is cooler than its been during the day in a long time. Sunday Dirk spent the day re-bedding some deck hardware and I spent the guessed it, cleaning. So the floor is now cut and ready to be epoxied on the bottom and sides. Once that is done then I start the never ending coats of varnish. Whooohooo, I am finally seeing an end to this project. Next major project on our list is to replace the salon windows.
As you can see they have more silicone then some women. I'm surprised they aren't leaking more then they do. Only during very heavy rains do we get any water, and then its only a few drops here and there. We are replacing them with a material called Lexan. Its suppose to be a lot more durable. This way we only have to do it once. I will let you know when this project get started. Lets see if we all survive the floor first.

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