Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life is falling into place

We find ourselves looking right into the last month of living a land based life. This past week found us on the boat for 8 days, the longest I think since we purchased her 2 years ago this month. The weather was fairly crappy as we had a large front lingering around Florida for quite some time. Not too much rain in Panama City but the winds were pretty hefty and the temps actually got down to about 57 one evening. We managed to pack the truck full before leaving home and actually found a home for all items. Got the new mattress installed on our berth and I slept like a baby most every night. Got lots of organizing done, lazerettes cleaned out and stuff we can live without packed into the truck for long term storage. As I sit here and write this I am now recalling that I left a bag of potatoes behind the stove. Whew! That's gonna be rank by the time we get back down there. Maybe we need to make a call to a dock neighbor.

We did manage to head out to Shell Island on Sunday afternoon and spent the evening grilling steaks and enjoying sun downers with Gary & Jan of S/V Divine Miss Em. Memorial day we headed to the island and did a little beach walking and taking a quick dip to cool off. The water temp is still only 75 so its a bit chilly when you first try to get in. After grilling some dogs for lunch we pulled anchor and headed for the docks. Dirk threw out a line hoping to catch some fish or perhaps the fish that the day before ended up with a new lure of ours. Anyone catching a large fish with a red and white lure attached we claim dibs. From the anchorage to the fuel docks I had the wheel and when I tried to pass it on to Dirk to take over he claimed "You will be fine" Oh no, not again.....He did this before to me. Surprise!!! your taking her in. He knows better then to tell me before hand because he knows how anxious I get. So like the good husband he is, he springs it on me last minute. Once I get close to our dock I see Charley from a couple boats over standing on our finger pier there to offer assistance. Guess once he saw me at the wheel he figured I would need it. Perhaps he was just protecting his boat...With gentle encouragement from Dirk I got her into the slip with no problems. Even got some atta girls from the hubby and Charley saying I did a job well done. (as I grinned from ear to ear) Ah the little things. Once my heart rate dropped below 100 bpm I opened up a Corona and toasted the evening. Life is good.

Oh, before I forget. Dirk is officially among the ranks of the "retired" About 2 weeks ago there was a luncheon recognizing him and bidding him farewell.
Here he is accepting the black hawk helicopter given as a token. (Hummmm, maybe we can put it on top of the mast as a wind vain of sorts) Congratulations Dirk, you deserve this time off for the many years of service you gave to this country. So here we are back at home dealing with packing, storing, and beginning to tie up some loose ends. I will check in soon and let you all know how its going. Till then.....

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