Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Were still alive, just very very busy

Sorry for the lack of a post lately. I myself don't like to have lags when I read certain peoples post but sometimes life gets in the way. Dirk and I have been In North Carolina dealing with family matters so this is my excuse for the lack of an update. Sorry Kathy from s/v Seeker, I know I told you I would give you a heads up if we ended up coming this way but things have been so very hectic. Guess we will have to save our intros until next cruising season. Before heading here we made a one day trip down to Tybee Time to drop more "stuff" off. I think that was the last trip before we officially move on board. While there we decided to contact CB Sails to see about getting our sail cover repaired. We just purchased it last season and we had a problem with some stuff but they seemed more then willing to help us out on that. So the cover was removed and the sail had to be removed and stowed below to protect it from the elements till we returned. While at the boat we asked them to give us a quote on a new sun shade as we have been looking at making one ourselves but time is quite against us these days. And we also decided for the sake of asking to quote us for re-doing the salon cushions. A couple weeks ago we tried adding additional foam taken from the back berth to them for a little more cush. Well we ended up tearing two of the cushions. So long story short we have taken a big bite out of the cruising kitty for a couple new creature comforts. We will be leaving N. Carolina to make the 12 hour drive back home in the next couple days. I dread it, as I will have just over a week to pack up the house and get it into storage before we turn over the keys. You know, for thinking this time would never get here it sure is barreling down on us now. Yikes! Next post you read will probably be as liveaboards.

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  1. Nancy- Sounds like things are very hectic right now, but wait till you get onboard. Ahhhh-
    s/v Seeker


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