Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life onboard

Well, here it is two weeks after moving aboard and I am finally writing a post. Can I tell you things have been crazy......Dirk & I closed the doors on the storage units, locked them up tight, headed over to the rental agency turned in the keys to the apartment and made tracks down to Panama City. We weren't able to fit everything into the truck that we needed to bring as the cat and his box took up a large portion of the back seat. So one more trip back up to the storage units will be needed to get everything on board we want and need. We did find time to enjoy our first meal aboard the 2nd day. Our marina sells fresh shrimp off the boats, yum......

Below is the final product, grilled shrimp and grouper cheeks with a fresh salad.
Four days after moving on board we had our 1st guest for the 4th of July weekend. What a nightmare trying to find homes for things plus tidy up for guest. We needed about another 2 just to stow stuff and so many items never left the back of the truck and actually at the time of writing this several items are still there. The 4th however was a great weekend. No rain except for a shower here and there which did its best to cool things off. Below are our guest Keith & Linda Jo with the sun setting over Shell Island.

Doesn't get any better......

The moon rising over the bay

we had terrific seats for all the firework displays going on all along the bay, Panama City beach and some by the City Marina.

Great shot Dirk took with his camera of the fireworks and then below is a shot Dirk took of an almost full moon. Beautiful night...

We had two days at anchor at the island trying to get in a little R&R. The waves were wonderful and the water so pretty on the gulf side that we had to go and play like little kids in the surf. If it weren't for the still night air making it hot to sleep it would have been a perfect weekend. Sunday evening our guest departed and headed home so it was back to business for Dirk and I. Monday through Wednesday Dirk got lots of projects and organizing done. Come Thursday we decided to go scalloping. The season just opened up and the couple that sold us the boat were down on vacation so we decided to have a go of it. We actually packed the dinghy and the moter up and drove it over to Port St. Joe where the hunting was to occur. We started our day at a little after 8am, by 10:30ish we had arrived at the marina that we put in at. A short dinghy ride and we found our first spot.

I had never scalloped before so it was a new experience for both of us. We almost caught our limit of 2 gallons apiece. We ended up with 7 gallons

Here are some ready for cleaning....

and below is Dan & Dirk doing the 3 hour chore of cleaning them.
The final product was cooked up by Dan on the dock. Fresh bay scallops sauteed in garlic, butter, and white wine served along side of pasta. I had never eaten a scallop before and I have to admit the texture will take some time to get use to but the meat had a very good flavor. It was a very long day and we didn't actually eat till about 10:30 that evening. By 11 Dan & Roxanna had taken off and headed back to the RV. What a great fun, tiring day.
We were suppose to go back the next day but all of us were too wiped out to think about it. Dirk did however go back today and I hear there will be more to clean this evening. Till next time.....and I'm hoping it wont be too long in between post. I need to adopt some sort of schedule....., wait, were retired now....we don't need no stinking schedule.....

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