Saturday, June 27, 2009

Its done!!!!!!! The day has come......finally

wow! Today I write from the cockpit of our Tybee Time as a "full time cruiser". No photo today as I haven't found where I packed my camera yet. Judging by the amount of stuff we brought it might be awhile. But I can say that the sky is baby blue with tones to purple and beautiful pink/peach clouds high in the sky as the sun is setting as an orange globe behind the marina. The air is pink and even though I don't yet have a tan the color cast is very flattering. Conch horns blowing in the distance signal another day has gone and one can hear the sounds of the nightlife beginning to waft with the breeze. It really has not hit yet that this is it. Come Sunday there will be no packing up and heading home, no kitty waiting by the door for our arrival. Our life has been packed and put into two storage units awaiting. Waiting for what? for when? for how long? Who knows.....right now who cares. We have just a few days to square things up well enough to have our first guest of the season on for the 4th of July. So much to do, so little time.

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  1. wow! congratulations! I really enjoyed the story about the scallops. How do you find them? dig around in the sand? mud? We had some at a sushi bar in philadelphia last week--raw with soy sauce and wasabi, it was fantastic and I hate scallops!

    In other news...we sold Whisper two weeks ago and bought a 36' carver aft cabin (yes, a stinkpot!) to liveaboard in philly. the space is amazing but sad not being able to go sailing. Whisper's new owner plans on taking her back to the Bahamas and eventually the Caribbean starting in Fall 2010. Maybe you'll run into them!

    Congrats on going cruising, looks like you'll have a great time.

    m/v Rhumb Line (aka m/v stinkpot, former co-captain of s/v whisper)


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