Thursday, January 14, 2010

Made it to Marathon

Just a quick update to let you all know we made it to Marathon yesterday afternoon. We pulled away from the dock at 7:30 am with a few people willing to brave the early morning cold to see us off. With conchs blowing we slipped off the dock lines and eased away. Tears were flowing on my part as Dirk and I had gotten into a comfortable routine with family and friends while in Boca Chica. We will be back.....It was a cold eight hours up to Marathon with almost a head wind the whole way. Oh, and about a zillion crab pots. In some places I was wondering if in deed we would be able to weave through them as they were so close together. We used the new smart controller remote and have to report we are very happy with it. We could stand on the bow of the boat and with a push of a button steer the boat. Sad part of yesterday was seeing all of the fish dead or dying due to the cold water temps. We were getting a reading of 56 F. which of course for these parts is cold. While in Key West we set the record low and unfortunately I think a lot of the wildlife lost the battle with mother nature. So we sit here and wait for another front to pass so that we can do a few more hops up the coast to get to our jump off point. Hoping that warm weather will once again find us as I'm tired of the cold, damp days and nights. For cruisers, we are spending a huge amount of time huddled down below right now when we would much rather be spending the time topside enjoying the great outdoors. Once we get an idea of when we will leave here I will let everyone know. Till then, keep warm.......

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