Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Waiting, but until then....

We are still sitting waiting on weather. Dirk has been watching it closely and we just keep having to push the days back till we see a good enough window to get us up to Marathon. We aren't the only ones as the marina has several boaters wanting to make it to the Bahamas and beyond, but Mother Nature has different plans right now so we must adapt and try to stay as warm as possible till she gives us a pass. Right now we are looking at a possible window on Wednesday or Thursday all subject to change of course. In the mean time we ready the boat for take off, still doing lots of organizing and making space to do the last big provision run. This past Friday we actually had some decent temps and the air was calm so Dirk took the chance to do a little lobstering. The water was incredibly clear and he had no problem seeing the sea life and other critters all around including the 7 foot nurse shark that startled him. I know nurse sharks aren't aggressive but anytime you stumble across something that big it tends to get the adrenaline pumping. I stayed back on the boat taking advantage of the warmer weather to clean some rugs and hose off the boat a bit and piddle which I am learning to do very well. I heard Dirk drive up in the dinghy and he told me to get the camera he had dinner. So I grab the camera and head upstairs to see what he had and yes, he did have dinner.

He had gotten lucky enough to get 3 lobsters, as you can see 2 smaller ones whose tails measured about 6 inches a piece and big papa who measured 8. Now that might not be too impressive to some, but for us it made the great white hunter very happy.

The last lobster was cooked on the grill but we wanted to try something different and just boiled them and served them with melted butter. I have to say we liked this method much better as you could really taste the lobster itself. Perhaps the next post you see will be from a mooring ball in Marathon where we will do last minute items to move on. Fingers crossed....

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