Monday, February 1, 2010

Still in Fort Lauderdale

As much as I hate to say it we are still here in Fort Lauderdale sitting on a mooring ball waiting on mother nature to cooperate a little with us. We did change moorings after two days as the second day the winds shifted and we found probably the only shallow spot under our boat. It was late in the evening and sitting below I felt a bump, then another. We thought maybe it might be manatees as I have read that they will use the hull of your boat to scratch themselves, and we have seen them on a daily basis here. We kept feeling the bumps and decided to go up top and check it out. Once we got up top we are searching the waters and then we look around and notice that everyone is facing a different direction then us. Dirk looked at me and said " I think we are sitting on the bottom" How could we be sitting on the bottom, we are in a mooring field, paying to be here, shouldn't we have enough water under us? We climbed into the dinghy and tried to swing the boat off the high spot we were apparently sitting on. Tybee was not budging but good for us the tide was on the rise again. About 30 minutes later we were up top and suddenly we started swinging back into our place in line. We were floating once again. There are only about 7 mooring balls here and they are snatched up quickly as they are vacated. So we wait until someone leaves which lucky for us was the next afternoon. Dirk then called the marina office and suggested that they might want to put out that the ball we were on should be for shallow draft boats.

Anyway here we sit, and sit, and sit. West End Bahamas just a mere 70ish miles away calling for us yet we cant get there due to the winds and waves that separate us. Days tick by and we try to fend off the frustration that wants to set in. What can we do but wait and sit, and wait.


  1. It's not the destination that's important, but the journey.

  2. Hi kids!
    Just a short line to let you know we are thinking about you and your jouney. I just aquired two 75W solar panels from a buddy of mine to put on the boat. Hopefully we will be out there next cruising season and run in to you in a fabulous place!


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