Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Here we are, and yes as much as I hate to say it, still in Fort Lauderdale. We are not believing this weather. It seems we put our sights on leaving a certain day and then the next day or two days later that day is yanked away. Frustration has set in and Dirk & I try not to let it get us down but it is so very hard, especially when we read other blogs and find out that people have left and made it over with little problem. On the other hand we met a gentleman the other day that came back from there and had the ride of his life in 12 foot seas that he wished he hadnt taken. We have learned from this experience that next cruising season we will be leaving before December or after February. Sitting here in Fort Lauderdale has become expensive and thats money I would rather be giving to the Bahamas then a city that seems to have more money then it needs. So I guess we sit along with a lot of other folks waiting for the elusive weather window to open. So tonight we will get together with Jim & Ellie from our buddy boat FinniRish to watch the super bowl in the marina lounge. Throw some steaks on the grill, grab a couple cold ones and cuddle up cause its gonna be a cold one at 48 degrees tonight. Maybe it's just hell freezing over cause the Saints made it to the super bowl. The Saints is the team I will be rooting for and I will be the minority in my group as everyone else is a colts fan. But its something to do, a reason to put on some real clothes and brush the hair. GEAUX SAINTS !!!!!!

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