Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back in the USA since June 11

Yea, yea, yea, I know I'm a slacker. Once we arrived back in the USA I slipped into mega lazy mode. I think a big part of my laziness stems from the fact that we didn't want to come back. We had 5 wonderful months filled with fishing, conching, spearing, and snorkeling. We had friends and family visit and were able to show them so many wonderful and beautiful places and we ran into several friends made last year. We also made so many new ones that I'm sure we will stay in contact with for some time. Cant wait for the day that we turn south rather than west when leaving the Bahamas for points further into the Caribbean. Once we had gotten to Bimini on the 7th of June there was a couple days of nasty winds so we stayed put taking the time to rest up, do laundry and do a little beach walking.

Shipwreck of the Gallant Lady on Bimini

Early on the 11th we bid farewell as we slowly motored out the channel with predictions of light to moderate winds predicted. Of course our luck wasn't having any of that and a couple hours in, the winds picked up along with the seas. Our course was set northwest heading for the West Palm Beach inlet. Of course the winds changed a bit coming out of the northwest which put us on an uncomfortable up and down bucking into the waves. 25 knot average wind speed with waves 6 to 8 feet keep us soaked once we slightly changed course for a more comfortable ride. On a couple of occasions we had waves come over the side that completely soaked me from head to toe, not the happy ending to our trip we wanted. About 11 hours later, because of the altered course taken we finally entered the inlet and anchored in just about the same spot we anchored 5 months earlier while waiting on weather to cross. Dirk went and checked us into customs and we settled into 2 days of sleep and relaxing before heading north on the ICW. We had decided that Titusville would be a nice place to spend the summer and it wasn't too far up the ICW. After getting an e-mail from friends we met while in the Bahamas we opted for Harbortown Marina on Merritt Island which is right off the Barge canal and 20 minutes from the Atlantic. It took us a couple days to get there and decided we really like it. Its very convenient in terms of location with a good price and they don't charge a live-a-board fee that so many marinas charge these days. Restaurant on the premises with great food and reasonable prices, cheap laundry, clean bath houses and a nice pool. So if anyone is in need, check it out. We decided that for the summer we needed to get lots of things done so we had to break down and purchase a used car to get us around. Seems weird cruising down the interstate at 70 MPH after spending so many months going 5 MPH in the boat. I have a sister that doesn't live far away and she has graciously opened her mother in law apartment to us anytime we want to use it. We have taken her up on it and have enjoyed the ability to shower without walking up the dock fighting no see ums and mosquitoes. Sleeping in a real bed has been great and I still find myself reaching for the hand pump to flush the toilet. So we are settling in for a busy summer taking the time to lots of nothing and enjoying the company of my family. Hoping that once I get back into some kind of rhythm that I will be posting on a regular basis. Till next time....


  1. Wow, welcome back to the US. We have been following your adventures for a while now! Although infrequent, your posts are great! We are getting our boat ready for a fall departure and were looking for a marina in FLA, thanks for the tip.
    Again, love your site!

  2. Welcome baaaack!!!!! Going to call you in next day or so. Love ya'll!

  3. Oh ya, It's Becca.

  4. Ahoy! Are you still cruising? If you are then I'd like to add you to the blogroll on my site and my facebook page.


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