Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Exciting News

Okay, so here it is the second week in August and lots of stuff has happened since I last blogged. I knew that last posting things were being set into motion but I didn't want to jinx us by saying anything to anyone. For a couple years now Dirk & I have tossed around the notion of getting a bigger, blue water boat so that we could make a longer journey into the Caribbean in more comfort. We looked at so many boats and decided between a couple that we liked. We of course had some must haves, some would like to haves and things that just wouldn't work for us. We of course knew too that in order for us to move up that we would have to sell our Tybee Time. As much as we hated to as she has been an incredibly boat for us, we would have to make that leap. Once we made it to Merrit Island we put her on the market for sale by owner and began the task of moving off of her. We realized it would be difficult to show the boat while living full time with a cat on board. Thats where my sister came in and allowed Dirk and I along with Capt Butters to move into her mother in law apt. It is amazing how much stuff we took off of Tybee and she actually gained 4 to 5 inches of waterline once we were done.

Can you believe all this came off of our 40 foot Tybee Time?
 This whole time we are keeping our eyes open for boats to go see as we are in an area that has quiet a few to offer. I had spotted a boat that we liked still on the market from last year and wondered if it was still available. It was on the West coast of Florida and we called the owner and set up a time to take a look see. After the initial viewing we decided to think about it, crunch numbers and make an offer, all depending on outcome of the survey of course. While on the other side of the state Tybee Time was sparking some interest and we got an offer on her just 3 weeks after listing. Of course than the waiting game is on....waiting on surveys, waiting on price adjustments, waiting on counter offers, and the whole while we are doing the same on the other boat. We ended up closing on the new boat and within a couple days closing on Tybee Time. Whew, what a hassle but it couldn't have worked out any better. The timing was perfect.....We ended up selling Tybee Time to a wonderful couple who will be taking her to North Carolina. Her name will be changed and she will begin her new life with them. I can only hope she brings them half of the joy that she has brought to Dirk and I and feel that she will be loved and cared for as she was with us. As we were putting final paperwork on board her the other day we walked around her once more talking of memories with tears in our eyes. Tybee Time has been a huge part of Dirk and I's life for 4 years now and she is not only a "boat" but part of us. She has carried us to beautiful islands, allowed us to catch many meals and protected us in even the worst of seas. She will be missed.....
As we said goodbye to Tybee Time
On the other hand, we now have our new boat that will keep us busy to say the least for at least a couple months. Once we pulled her for the out of water survey we told them to block her and once we finalized the paperwork they could begin work. I have started a new blog for her and have posted the first one already. We would love for you to follow us as so many of you have done in the past. The new link is http://www.svrenegade.blogspot.com/ . She is a 1987 47 foot Vagabond with so many features that we were looking for in a new, old boat.
            Our new boat s/v Renegade
so join us as we begin a new adventure and chapter of our lives filled with refits, travels and information. We are so excited about starting this new adventure and can only hope the memories of Tybee Time and the life she provided us will never fade.


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